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Paru le jeudi 5 février 2004

Lyrics Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes

Interprété par Crush 40
Ecrit par Jun Senoue & Johnny Gioeli

Couplet 1
What goes up must come down
Yet my feet don’t touch the ground
See the world spinning upside down,
A mighty crash without a sound !
I can feel your every rage,
Step aside I’ll turn the page
Breaking through your crazy maze
Like a laser beam, my eye’s on you !

Pré Refrain
Watch me rule the night away
Watch me save the day
Feel my storm it’s gettin’ close
Heading your way !

Sonic Heroes !
Sonic Heroes !
Find you, confine you, defying your reign !

Sonic Heroes !
Sonic Heroes !
Setting the stage for a heroes parade !

Couplet 2
I won’t even hesitate
A second left to alter fate
I tried to strike, but a bit too late
I got you hooked by my own bait !

Pré Refrain 2
Watch me rule the night away
Watch me save the day
Feel my storm it’s gettin’ close,
Heading your way !


You can bet there ain’t no doubt,
As the words spill from the mouth...
Of a hero...
I can chase another day
Fight you all the way,
Like a hero...

And together we stand strong no matter how,
No one can bring us down !



Sonic... Heroes !
Heroes !
Heroes !
Sonic... Heroes !
Heroes !
Heroes !
Give us a reason and we’re on our waaaay !

We Can

Interprété par Ted Poley & Tony Harnell
Ecrit par Jun Senoue & Ted Poley

Couplet 1
Look out down below,
Sonic is on the go
Can’t stop this party till we save the world
This time we’re not alone
We’ve got some friends along
And as a team we can become even stronger

Pré Refrain
Together, we can overcome all the odds
It’s never as hard as it seems
Everyone can do something special
The secret is sharing your dreams
Yeah !

We can make it
If we all stick together
We won’t give up, not ever
And everything’s gonna be alright
We all bring out
The best things in each other
Together we are stronger
Than anyone else could be on their own
So much better than alone

Couplet 2
Sonic’s in the lead,
Giving us greater speed
Tails keeps us flying high to stay above trouble
And Knuckles by our side, makes this a safer ride
We’ll save the world and teach that Eggman a lesson

Pré Refrain


Better than alone

And together we can overcome all the odds
It’s never as hard as it seems


This Machine

Interprété par Julien-K
Musique par Jun Senoue & Amir Derakh
Ecrit par Ryan Shuck

Couplet 1
A shadow of myself, just who am I ?
Scan horizons
A tragic mystery
You could’ve left me here, sealed inside the pod
No one would ever know
The Chaos Control
My true identity
The power that is me

We all danced in fire
Trapped in this machine
Don’t know how long we’ve waited
As the Eggman’s watching

We all danced in fire
Looking through a screen
Don’t know how long we’ve waited
As the Eggman watches

Couplet 2
With Rouge in the fight - electric vibes
Change surroundings
A jewel in history
A treasure disappears - as she goes
Miss her as we look away - and no one knows
This power is a key
This power changes me


Pont X2
Chaos Control
Chaos Control

Couplet 3
You didn’t know - now I’m going to show you
The power that is me
You tried to take me down - stop the show
Seems you’ve never tasted fear - or loss of control
The power lives in me
The power that is me


Follow Me

Interprété par Kay Hanley
Musique par Jun Senoue
Ecrit par Mathilde O’Rourke

Couplet 1
Anywhere you wanna go,
Anything you need to know,
All the best in life...
I wanna get it for you

Lately I just feel so fine
I imagine that you’re mine
In my world you’re gold...
I only wanna protect you !

Pré Refrain 1
And whatever I want, I get,
I want a shooting star !
Whatever I need, I have,
When I’m with you !

Follow me inside
Through the stratosphere
The moon is shining for you...
It knows that I adore you
Suddenly all that sadness will just slip away...
And you will see what I mean...
If you just follow me in my dreams !

Couplet 2
I was searching everywhere...
Suddenly I saw you there
And my love arrived...
Just in the nick of time

Life floats on a movie screen
You’re the star of my scene !
You live on the edge of a knife...
Larger than life !

Pré Refrain 2
Whatever I want, I get,
No one could take your place !
Whatever I need, I have,
When I see your face !

Refrain X2

Team Chaotix

Interprété par Gunnar Nelson
Ecrit par Jun Senoue & Gunnar Nelson

Couplet 1
Once upon a time, you could be a bad guy
And you’d live to see another day
But now you’d never manage
Boy, you’d be brain damaged
Just to think that you could get away

The power has arrived in a dream team
A force where one and one makes three
And when the trail’s gone cold
And the lies have been told
This crew will find what you can’t see

Pré Refrain 1
Yeah, danger hides when the hyper bee flies
And the ninja stars fly too
The muscle is Vector, the karma collector
And he’s sworn to fight for you

Team Chaotix !
They’re detectives you want on your side
Team Chaotix !
Their directive’s tracking down your crime
Come along for the ride
Truth can run but not hide for long
The game is on now

Couplet 2
Remember when stealin’ used to be a good dealin’
And the crooked life would always pay
Well, now that the team’s in town
That’s all gone underground
But it’s a worry to this very day

A challenge has been issued by the Eggman
This mission’s going to need them all
And though his hopes grow thin
And the outlook is grim
These three are going to heed his call

Pré Refrain 2
Yeah, Charmy’s thing is dishing out first sting
And the green one cheers them on
Espio is clearly ready to go
Run down who’d do you wrong


Team Chaotix !
Sonic Heroes, what your problem needs
Team Chaotix !
Watch those three go make the outlaws bleed
There’s no way you can win (Team Chaotix !)
If it’s trouble you’re in (You’re in !)
They’re going to kick your @#$% !

Team Chaotix !

What I’m Made Of...

Interprété par Crush 40
Ecrit par Jun Senoue & Johnny Gioeli

Couplet 1
I don’t care what you’re thinkin’
As you turn to me
’Cause what I have in my two hands
Is enough to set me free (set me free)

I can fight the feelin’
To resist it all the time
But when it’s just too much to take
You sneak up from behind

Pre Refrain 1
Is it me, you say
You’re looking for ?
Let me show you who I am and what I’m here for... Here for...

Heeeeey !!

Try to reach inside of me !
Try to drain my energy !
Let me show you just what I’m made of !
Simple curiosity, try to take a bite of me
Let me show you just what I’m made of now !

Couplet 2
Like a million faces
I’ve recognized them all
And one by one they’ve all become
A number as they fall (as they fall)

In the face of reason
I can take no more
One by one they’ve all become
A black mark on the floor

Pré Refrain 2
Is it me (is it me), You say (you say)
You’re looking for ?
Let me show you who I am and what I have in store... In store...

Hey ! Hey ! Yeeaaah !


You can take another life long try
You can take another try !


Try to reach inside of me (Let me show you what I’m made of !)
Try to take my energy (Let me show you what I’m made of !)
Let me show you just what I’m made of !

Par Rollabunna / Elgueusard le 5 février 2004


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  • Super ! les vraies paroles enfin je me disais bien des fois ca collait pas trop sur sonic heroes
    find you can fly you’ll be finding your place !!!
    lol mais au moins je comprend cette phrase et elle est plus simple a dire.

  • Yeah !!! J’ai tout râclé !!

    Hey Hey !!! Yeah eah eah eah eah eah eah !!!
    Try to reach inside of me, try to drain my energy !
    Let me Show you just what I’m Made of...

    C’est excellent !!! Merci pour les paroles les gars !

    Tiens, Sonic Heroes vous influence, vous avez rédigé l’article en équipe ;)

  • lol en fait ma signature est plutôt une "dédicace" à l’ancien article des lyrics, pour lequel j’avais galéré comme un ouf dans les forums de SonicAnime... Mais les nouvelles paroles là, c’est Elgueu qui les a trouvées

    Voir en ligne :

  • Super les paroles ms ya un mini pb c ke pr This machine c pas refain 1 ms Couplet 1

  • c cool mais pour les paroles ca été trouvé ou ? paske ds what i’m made of je croyais ke ct "isn’t me you said you’re looking for"


  • Cool les lyrics mais on a pas ceux de la version longue de Sonic Heroes

  • Cool même si j’avais deja les paroles, même en Français, j’adoore grave cette chanson ^_^ !

  • les chansons dechires grave surtout celle de la team dark

  • On peut les écouter parceque moi chuis nul sur le jeu j’ai que follow me

  • Salut c’est Sonic-Run ! Bon !... j’ai essayé de traduire la chansson de l’intro de Sonic Heroes, mais... il y a des phrases que je ne comprends pas bien (vous allez les reconaitre ce sont les phrases qui ne colle pas avec le reste mdr !) et il y a aussi des phrases dont je ne comprends ABSOLUMENT rien -_-’ ( c’est la où il y a des " ???") ! Bon bin voilà :

    Couplet 1 :

    Ce qui monte doit descendre
    Pourtant mes pieds ne touchent pas le sol
    Regarde le monde tourner à l’envers
    Un puissant crash sans bruit
    Je peux ressentir chacune de tes fureurs
     ??? je tournerai la page
    Traverse ton labyrinthe fou
    Quand je te regarde mes yeux sont comme des rayons laser

    Pré refrain :

    Regarde moi placer la nuit à distance
    Regarde moi sauver le jour
    Perçois ma prise d’assaut rapprochée
    Diriger ta route

    Refrain :

    Sonic Heroes
    Sonic Heroes
    T’attache, t’enferme, défie ton règne
    Sonic Heroes
    Sonic Heroes
    Place une scène pour la parade des héros

    Couplet 2 :

    Je n’hésiterai pas non plus
    Une deuxième ??? pour changer le destin
    Et tu essayes de frapper mais un peu trop tard
     ??? accroché par ma propre amorce

    Pré refrain 2

    Regarde-moi placer la nuit à distance
    Regarde-moi sauver le jour
    Perçois ma prise d’assaut rapprochée
    Diriger ta route


    Vous pouvez parier qu’il n’y a aucun doute
    Car les mots débordent de la bouche d’un héros
    je peux chasser un autre jour
    Vous combattre tout le long du chemin
    Comme un héros
    Et ensemble nous nous tenons grands n’importe comment
    Personne ne peut nous mener à la déchéance…


    Sonic Heroes

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