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Parue le mardi 30 novembre 2004

Sonic X en comics US

C’est la rumeur, quasi confirmée, qui court sur le forum de Ken Penders... (donc valable)
Voici quelques citations :

"Now that the announcement’s been made, I’ll tell ya what we know. Yes, we’ve known about the SonicX mini-series for a while now. A little deductive reasoning should now illuminate why we couldn’t use the SonicX characters that haven’t already appeared in the current comic. :) Mike’s comment about Cream and Cheese in last month’s issue was actually associated with the new mini-series, not the existing Sonic comic. I threw in a little FUD factor in my earlier comments to blunt the idea that Cream, et al, would be showing up in the current comic. Which is how many of you were taking his comments. :)

There’s going to be (has been ?) an entirely new creative team formed to support this new comic. Supposedly nobody from the original comic will be working on it, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see some crossovers of talent, particularly in the inking, coloring, and lettering area. The writers will be totally new. So I really don’t know what the content of the comic is going to be like.

If the mini-series shows healthy sales and growth during its run, then yes, I would say there is a good chance it might become a continuing series. What that bodes for the original series is unknown. If SonicX steals away readers from the current comic and sales drop off drastically, then there is always the possibility that Archie might pull the plug on the original comic. On the other hand, if SonicX sales drop during the mini-series run, then the original comic will most likely continue. Personally, I’m holding out for the third possibility...that the two comics will synergistically play off of each other, boosting the sales of both comics. That’s the win-win scenario I think everyone would like to see happen.

It’s surprising how many comments we’ve seen by people who had no idea there even was a Sonic comic until SEGA ran those first 100 covers as a video game extra feature. So I think there are many more out there that might be attracted to the new SonicX, and suddenly discover there’s this entire new world of Classic Sonic that they’ve missed.

That last I heard is that the new mini-series will be released between the current release of the classic comic. So that would mean a new Sonic comic hitting the newstands every 2 weeks, alternating Sonic and SonicX, during the mini-series run."

Donc, si cette mini-série est populaire, voire très, elle risque de faire disparaitre la continuité Archie/Satam-esque...
Si les ventes ne suivent pas, elle n’en restera qu’au stade de mini-série...

Et les univers seront différents !



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